Ginger Berry Smoothie

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Ginger berry smoothie - Healthy and good for an upset stomach This Ginger Berry Smoothie is packed with nutrients and the ginger is great for soothing an upset stomach. *We will not claim that any of the smoothies we post will be the sole reason for any life changing situations. However,…

Green Tea Berry Smoothie

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Green Tea berry Smoothie - Deliciously Healthy Deliciously tart, this Green Tea Berry Smoothie is a great midday treat. *We will not claim that any of the smoothies we post will be the sole reason for any life changing situations. However, they can be added to a healthy diet and exercise…

Green Smoothie

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Green Smoothie - Packed with Nutrition! Starting our exploration of Smoothies, I began with ingredients we had in the house already. This Green Smoothie recipe is delicious and packed with nutrition. *We will not claim that any of the smoothies we post will be the sole reason for any life changing…


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Smoothies 101 - Why People Drink Them and What To Include There are many reasons why people drink smoothies as they provide many health benefits.  The problem is that many people just find smoothie recipes thinking they’ll solve whatever problem you are experiencing without making sure they are putting the right…

2021 Beer Advent Calendar

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2021 Beer Advent Calendar - not just beer this year If you've been here before, you know that in 2019 we decided to make our own beer advent calendars. This was after being underwhelmed by the the others we've purchased or seen. Here we have tddhe Grecobon 2021 Beer Advent Calendar.…

2021 Stadium Drinks

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2021 Stadium Drinks - Well Earned After A Wild 2020 Short and sweet, this post will summarize exactly as the tile says - 2021 Stadium Drinks. These are the drinks we enjoyed throughout 2021 at various stadiums. 2020 was crazy for everyone, so that first sip in the sunshine at a…

Illa Series from Full Circle Brewing Company

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Illa Beer Series from Full Circle Brewing Company in Fresno, California Found at Total Wine, in this post we are going to talk about the Illa Series of beers from Full Circle Brewing Company. The flavors we tried were Vanilla, Strawberry, and Blueberry. A Little About Full Circle Brewing Company Based…

Spindrift Spiked Sparkling Water

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Spindrift Spiked Sparkling Water - Just $1 from Influenster Have you joined the hard seltzer bandwagon? Spindrift is a different kind of sparkling hard beverage. Spindrift Spiked is separate of course from their sparkling water brand, known for just two ingredients: sparkling water and fruit juice. The spiked version, which uses…