In 2013 I introduced Matt to a life outside of Miller Lite. This became a mission: lets try ALL OF THE BEER. We enjoy a variety of drinks throughout the year, and if you’re looking for something to try or somewhere to go, hopefully you find that here.

Beer Selection

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We drink a variety of beers. Matt prefers an IPA, Lora loves porters and stouts. Here are some beers we’ve drank and breweries we’ve visited.


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We live just outside of Temecula California’s Wine Country. This is an area we know we need MORE posts for. And we are willing to do the research for you! For a few years; however, we were members at one of those wineries, you can read more here:

Hard Seltzers

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Holiday Drinks

Christmas Drinks for our DIY Advent Calendar

Our new holiday tradition includes creating our own Beer Advent Calendar. In 2020 I added in seltzers and liquor. So as to not confuse with other posts, we will keep them here. What do you recommend for 2021’s Calendar?

April 7th- National Beer Day

Join your friends on April 7th for a few drinks to celebrate National Beer Day!


We rate the beers we drink using an app called Untappd. Not only can we rate beer’s we’ve tried, we can search beers we see online to see if they’re available near us, keep a wish list of those we’d like to try, and see what drinks our friends are enjoying.

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