2022 Stadium Drinks

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2022 Stadium Drinks - Enjoying Drinks at Games Following up to our 2021 Stadium Drinks post, I thought I'd continue with 2022 Stadium Drinks. This is a compilation of the beverages we have enjoyed while catching a baseball game. If you find yourself at any of the below mentioned locations you'll…

Electric Brewing Company: Murrieta

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Electric Brewing Company: Murrieta, California In this post we are highlighting another favorite brewery of ours, Electric Brewing Company. Located at 41537 Cherry Street in Murrieta, California, Electric is listed on the Untappd app as a Micro Brewery. Though they may be considered a Micro Brewery their selection and flavors are…

2021 Beer Advent Calendar

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2021 Beer Advent Calendar - not just beer this year If you've been here before, you know that in 2019 we decided to make our own beer advent calendars. This was after being underwhelmed by the the others we've purchased or seen. Here we have tddhe Grecobon 2021 Beer Advent Calendar.…

2021 Stadium Drinks

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2021 Stadium Drinks - Well Earned After A Wild 2020 Short and sweet, this post will summarize exactly as the tile says - 2021 Stadium Drinks. These are the drinks we enjoyed throughout 2021 at various stadiums. 2020 was crazy for everyone, so that first sip in the sunshine at a…

Illa Series from Full Circle Brewing Company

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Illa Beer Series from Full Circle Brewing Company in Fresno, California Found at Total Wine, in this post we are going to talk about the Illa Series of beers from Full Circle Brewing Company. The flavors we tried were Vanilla, Strawberry, and Blueberry. A Little About Full Circle Brewing Company Based…

Beer Advent Calendar – Create Your Own

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Beer Advent Calendar a DIY Experience A few years back we stumbled upon something amazing, the Beer Advent Calendar from Costco. What beauty does this package behold? Image from christmasbeer.net This package was met with mixed reviews. While a pack of 24 beers all from Germany is my dream come true,…