As avid baseball fans we also travel the country to see our favorite MLB team, the New York Mets, play at stadiums across the country.

In 2017 we became a host family for the Lake Elsinore Storm. Since then we have had five amazing young men, and the future of Padres baseball, stay with us. What does that mean? Check the posts to find out!

Lake Elsinore Storm Host Family- Year 2

Lake Elsinore Storm Host Family - Second Year To recap from our original post, Becoming a Host Family for the Lake Elsinore Storm, we love baseball, live in a town where there is a minor league team. The Storm features a host family program where local families open their homes…


Southern California Mets Fans, Rejoice!

We had been on a few outings with The 7 Line Army to Mets games around the country. Browsing facebook one day Matt or I (we don't remember who spotted it first) came across a group for Southern California Mets fans. Say what? Marisa, who runs the group, was working…


Padres Beer Fest

Padres Beer Fest: Some of our favorite games of the season. Pregame, the Park in the Park area of Petco Park in San Diego opens up with 20+ local breweries for Beer Fest. You purchase your beer tickets for $5 each, and each ticket gets you a 12 ounce pour.…