Cafe Du Monde

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Cafe Du Monde - Chicory and Coffee Blend from New Orleans I've said on this blog before that I'm a big Mark Wiens fan. His videos have inspired me to search for a variety of foods, most notably my favorite Moroccan Inspired Cucumber Salad. In a video I recently watched of…

Everything Smoothie

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Everything Smoothie - A Little Bit of This, A Little Bit of That I wasn't very creative in naming this smoothie. In fact, it came about as a need to use some fruits and vegetables, and SPOILER - it was DELICIOUS! So here I present my "hey let's put this together"…

Coffee Advent Calendars

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6 Coffee Advent Calendars Available This Fall! I was recently turned on to the idea of Coffee Advent Calendars when Matt found one at Aldi during the 2021 Holiday shopping season. That led me to wonder, what other coffee calendars are available? Sharing some ready made and my idea on a…

Wide Awake Coffee Pods

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Wide Awake Coffee Pods - Available Near You One of my favorite coffee creamer brands is Wide Awake. They have a Salted Caramel Mocha flavor that tastes like I'm having a delicious dessert every morning. So, imagine my delight when Matt sends me a picture of some Limited Edition Seasonal Wide…

2022 Stadium Drinks

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2022 Stadium Drinks - Enjoying Drinks at Games Following up to our 2021 Stadium Drinks post, I thought I'd continue with 2022 Stadium Drinks. This is a compilation of the beverages we have enjoyed while catching a baseball game. If you find yourself at any of the below mentioned locations you'll…

Electric Brewing Company: Murrieta

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Electric Brewing Company: Murrieta, California In this post we are highlighting another favorite brewery of ours, Electric Brewing Company. Located at 41537 Cherry Street in Murrieta, California, Electric is listed on the Untappd app as a Micro Brewery. Though they may be considered a Micro Brewery their selection and flavors are…

Elenita Sparkling Mezcal

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Elenita Sparkling Mezcal 8 Can Variety Pack Browsing facebook one day I came across a video from one of my favorite creators, Loryn Powell. In this video she was trying the new Elenita Sparkling Mezcal. After watching the video I was intrigued! Search her facebook page for "Mezcal" to find her…

Irish Coffee

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Irish Coffee with Bailey's Infused Whipped Cream This Irish Coffee, complete with Bailey's infused whipped cream, will warm you up on a chilly night. Celebrate being Irish or Irish-ish with this tasty beverage. The four general ingredients in an Irish Coffee are Coffee, Whiskey, Sugar, and Whipped Cream. Mine is pretty…

Peet’s Coffee

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Peet's Coffee - Find a Location Near You! After falling in love with the Vanilla Cinnamon K-Cups I received for free from Influenster, I was curious to try Peet's Coffee in person. Luckily, on a recent drive to Las Vegas, I had just that opportunity when we visited one of their…