Elenita Sparkling Mezcal

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Elenita Sparkling Mezcal 8 Can Variety Pack Browsing facebook one day I came across a video from one of my favorite creators, Loryn Powell. In this video she was trying the new Elenita Sparkling Mezcal. After watching the video I was intrigued! Search her facebook page for "Mezcal" to find her…

2021 Stadium Drinks

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2021 Stadium Drinks - Well Earned After A Wild 2020 Short and sweet, this post will summarize exactly as the tile says - 2021 Stadium Drinks. These are the drinks we enjoyed throughout 2021 at various stadiums. 2020 was crazy for everyone, so that first sip in the sunshine at a…

Spindrift Spiked Sparkling Water

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Spindrift Spiked Sparkling Water - Just $1 from Influenster Have you joined the hard seltzer bandwagon? Spindrift is a different kind of sparkling hard beverage. Spindrift Spiked is separate of course from their sparkling water brand, known for just two ingredients: sparkling water and fruit juice. The spiked version, which uses…

Fruit Smash Hard Seltzer

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Fruit Smash Hard Seltzer from New Belgium Brewing This week we tried a new product available from New Belgium Brewing: Fruit Smash Hard Seltzer. New Belgium Brewing has headquarters in Fort Collins, Colorado. It was developed after the founders took a trip to Belgium in 1988. I was first introduced to…

Vizzy Hard Seltzer

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Vizzy Hard Seltzer Back in December, Vizzy Hard Seltzer posted a contest on Twitter. All you had to do was unfollow White Claw and post a screenshot to prove it. You could win a 12 pack of Vizzy or even a year's supply!' While I didn't win a year's supply of…

Kirkland Hard Seltzer

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Kirkland Hard Seltzer - Available at Costco! If you're lucky enough to live in a state that sells alcohol at Costco, and you love Hard Seltzers, then this post is for you. Kirkland Hard Seltzer is available as a 24 can variety pack with four flavors - Grapefruit, Lime, Black Cherry,…

Nude Hard Seltzer

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Nude Hard Seltzer - 4 Flavor Pack Purchased at Costco Today we are trying out Nude Hard Seltzer. Matt came across this brand at Costco the other day and I had never heard of it. For less than $1/can we figured why not. Although the combination of seltzer and alcohol is…