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Untapped – The App for Beer Lovers

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From Untappd website

Untappd is a social media app with beer drinkers in mind.

With this app you can:

  • Check in and rate every beer you drink.
  • See how your taste buds change over time by your ratings.
  • Keep track of all the different beers you have tried over time and see what your favorite styles and breweries are
  • Search certain beers to see if they’re available around you.
According to a recent study, exercise makes you drink more booze. Check it out! Photo Credit – The Daily Meal

This app is useful for those of us who LOVE beer. If you frequent an establishment that always has rotating taps, you can keep track of what beers you’ve already tried. Same applies to beer suppliers, see what to pick up for your next vacation and have something new for everyone to try.

Even if you don’t want to try them all, this app is also useful to help you decide what may or may not taste good based on the average rating for that particular brew.

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Matt: crackers 8199

Distinct Beers: 2,875 as of 7/13/21

Lora: llc156

Distinct Beers: 1,711 as of 7/13/21

In 2019 we were unable to find a Beer Advent Calendar that we loved the beers available. So, we made our own.

Beer Advent Calendar – Create Your Own.

2020 Beer Advent Calendar

We did it again. 2020 Beer Advent Calendar

A look into 2020’s Calendar:

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