Our goal is to eventually make a meal inspired by every country in the world.

If you’ve got a recipe for us to try, maybe a playlist of your favorite music from a particular country, be sure to let us know below in the comments!!!

Cheesy Chicken Chimichangas

Cheesy Chicken Chimichangas - Simple yet Flavorful Believed to be created in Arizona, Chimichangas are a Mexican food inspired and somewhat related dish. Like, a cousin of Mexican food. A lot of times, they're considered Tex-Mex, though I have seen them in plenty of Mexican restaurants as well (albeit all…


EASY Buffalo Chicken Wraps

Buffalo Chicken Wraps - Easy, Quick, & Tasty Looking for something simple to make one night, I browsed through our pantry, fridge, and freezer. Seeing what we had and needed to use, I came up with these super simple Buffalo Chicken Wraps. Now I know they're simple enough that anyone…


Swedish Meatballs with Noodles

Swedish meatballs - simple yet flavorful Usually when I think of Swedish Meatballs, my mind goes right to Ikea. If we stop in early enough, I like to pop into the cafe for the famous meatballs. You can also buy them in store along with the cream mix: But then,…


Nidi di Rondine à la San Marino

Nidi di Rondine - Heaven in Every Bite Nidi di Rondine or in English: "Swallows Nests", look like delicious little pasta roses. This delectable dish comes from San Marino. Never having heard of San Marino myself, I was curious. San Marino is a Microstate completely landlocked by Northern Italy. It…


Danish Apple Cake | Æblekage

Danish Apple Cake - Æblekage Usually when I have apples to use and the urge to bake, I make German Apple Cake or Deutches Apfel Kuchen. However, since I decided to explore some new recipes this year, I needed to find another option. While looking for European recipes on one…


Flemish Brussels Sprouts

Flemish Brussels Sprouts - Rustic and Delicious Brussels Sprouts, the tiny heads of cabbage you enjoy when you are either fully comfortable in your relationship, or you're spending the night alone. These Flemish Brussels Sprouts will no doubt become a favorite side dish, even with the possible embarrassing results. Fart…