SoFi Stadium

SoFi Stadium

SoFi Stadium – Home of the Los Angeles Chargers and Rams

Looking for something new to do while my brother in law was visiting, we decided to take a tour of SoFi Stadium located in Inglewood, California. SoFi Stadium is home to both the Los Angeles Chargers and Los Angeles Rams NFL teams.

SoFi Stadium: Inglewood, California

Located in Inglewood, California in the new Hollywood Park neighborhood, SoFi Stadium was completed in September of 2020. Construction began in November of 2016. This completion date followed delays in construction due to the pandemic and a halt in construction in June 2020 with the death of an iron worker fell to his death while working on the roof.

The cost to build the stadium was between $5 and $6 billion.

Major events to take place at SoFi Stadium include Super Bowl LVI in February 2022,

Purchasing Tickets

We purchased tickets on site as we hadn’t decided to go on the tour until that day. Luckily, we were able to snag spots in the last tour of the day. We went with the standard tour which was $30 per person. Unfortunately this particular day they were not allowing on field access. Probably because of an upcoming event, or an event held earlier that day.

The tour lasts a little over an hour, but probably longer on days where the on field experience is available.

There are a variety of ticket options for tours, and you can book private events that include tours.

Image Credit SoFi Stadium Website

Find out more here.

Prior to the tour beginning we were able to hang out in a concourse with an amazing view of the field.

We could even purchase a beverage to take with us on the tour.

The Tour

Once our tour guide gathered everyone, we made our way over to the edge of the concourse for a view of Rivers Lake and Lake Park located just south of the stadium, we passed it on our way in, and got some shots after that you’ll see later.

We also saw the Olivera Street Concessions stand, SoFi stadium is a completely cashless facility. Was nice to see the ordering set up and that the windows seemed to be for pickup only.

Corona Beach House Suite

SoFi Stadium - Inglewood, California: Corona Beach House Suite

We made our way to the Corona Beach House Suite located in sections 224-226. This suite is packed with all the amenities, from the exclusive lounge with dedicated bathrooms (no standing in those long lines), televisions, couches, tables, the most comfortable leather chairs, to that stunning view.

Tickets are in the range of $250 or so per person. You can also rent the entire lounge or have it sectioned off for a private party as there are retractable walls. You can add $50 for access to the all you can eat buffet, otherwise everything is a la carte.

It even has a foosball table.

SoFi Stadium - Inglewood, California: Corona Beach House Suite

Back Outside

Next we made our way outside and downstairs to the bottom concourse area. From here you can see the NFL Los Angeles building, the West Coast headquarters previously located in Culver City.

NFL Los Angeles West Coast Headquarters located in Hollywood Park, Inglewood, California

We gathered in this area a bit where we watched a short video explaining a bit more about the stadium. Here, we learned that the “roof” isn’t actually attached to the stadium. The roof is held up by the large pillars you see surrounding the stadium. The seating structure is stabilized by pillars as well. This is due to the stadiums proximity to the San Andreas Fault and the Newport Inglewood Fault which runs right next to the stadium. The design is to ensure the integrity of the structure during a seismic event.

Bottom level outside concourse at SoFi Stadium

View from the 50 Yard Line

From here we made our way to a section of seats located on the 50 yard line.

The 360° video board is a technological marvel. At its largest points, it stands 4 stories tall. The workers must use a lift to enter and exit the inside, and must also stay inside during the entirety of the event they are working. It measures 120 yards long and 75 yards wide (360′ x 225′).

The screen is 4k, double sided and has 80 million pixels. This gives everyone in the stadium an incredible view of whatever is on the screen, replays, advertisements, player information, and more.

The roof is made of ETFE (durable clear plastic panels) which are just 1% the weight of glass. While translucent, it still blocks the sun’s direct rays and decreases the heat by 50%. Some of the 60’x60′ panels are moveable to allow fresh air and breeze in on hot Southern California days. They also will keep everyone in the stadium dry in the event of rain, which isn’t common anyway. However, because as mentioned above, the roof is not attached and the sides are open, this is still an outside venue, and still subject to the dangers of lightning.

Roof of SoFi Stadium

SoFi Stadium Google Cloud Club

We then made our way down to the field level where we got to see another the Google Cloud Club concourse area and learned about the technology behind SoFi Stadium from a short video.

We were shown the location of the Owners Club as well (obviously no entry), and walked through the garage that sits at field level. I can only imagine how busy this is on the day of an event!

Pechanga Founders Club

Our next destination was the Pechanga Founders Club located at field level at the 50 yard line on the Chargers Bench side.

SoFi Stadium Pechanga Founders Club

This club features sleek, modern designs. Guests get the full game day experience with a patio right behind the sidelines, all inclusive concessions (including alcohol), private restrooms, and an all around exclusive experience.

Los Angeles Chargers Locker Room and Press Room

The Rams and Chargers share the stadium, but they do have their own locker rooms. We were able to visit both. Before entering the Chargers locker room, we stopped in the media briefing area. The part you see on tv post game when coaches, managers, and players are being interviewed.

The locker room is stunning and immaculate as expected. Though I’m sure it looks quite different on game day!

On the Field at SoFi Stadium….Kind of

Though the day we attended the tour, the on field experience was not available, we were able to snap some photos on the corner. Not the full experience, but still nice to see from that angle.

Los Angeles Rams Locker Room and Press Room

We then made our way to the Rams Locker Room. The Press room was pretty similar, to that of the Chargers.

The Locker Room; however, was quite different. The blue lighting was nice to see, and they had a setup in their locker room with some player equipment.

The blue lighting of course mimicking the design on the Rams helmets.

SoFi Social Club

On our way out, nearing the end of the tour, we passed through the SoFi Social Club. This exclusive suite is located behind the Rams bench. It is very similar as far as benefits and look/design to the Pechanga Founders Club. Both are very sleek, low key, and modern.

On our way out of the Social Club, we were able to claim our free keepsake. A 100% recyclable aluminum souvenir cup. With these cups, fans can enjoy their event at SoFi Stadium sustainably.

SoFi Stadium Recyclable Aluminum Cup

Rams/Chargers Team Store

Our tour had ended, we stopped in the team store to see what was available. With a Rams section and a Chargers section, this store featured a wide variety of items available to the teams’ fans of all ages.

Outside Views

We made our way outside to Lake Park to see the lake and get some photos of the stadium from the outside. It is a beautiful area, and will be interesting to see the growth overtime as the neighborhood is built around it and flourishes.

SoFi Stadium Final Thoughts

I covered a lot in this post. But I also missed a lot I’m sure. Each tour guide has their own unique sense of the experience of the stadium as well. I do highly recommend you take this tour even if you are not a football fan. The stadium and surrounding area are stunning and if you’re into technology or architecture its sure to be a delightful experience.

Interested in sports and/or architecture? Stadium tours may be the activity for you!

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