What to Eat in the Land Down Under

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Our recommendations of what to eat in the land down under:

This month we went to Australia. What an amazing trip!!! In this post, we are going to recommend to you what to eat in the land down under! All based on our own experiences.

In regards to the trip itself, you can read all about our adventures in the post: “We Went to a Land Down Under.”

What is Australian Cuisine?

Australian cuisine in the 21st century reflects the influence of globalisation, with many fast-food restaurants and international trends becoming influential. Organic and biodynamic foods have also become widely available alongside a revival of interest in bushfood. Australia has become famous for the high quality of its exports, with major agricultural industries including cattle and calveswheatfruit and nutsvegetablesmilksheep and lambs (for meat and wool), poultrybarleycanola. The country is also well regarded for its locally-made winebeer and soft drinks.


I didn’t find a distinct “Australian Cuisine” as it was in fact a global conglomerate but, regardless, the food was amazing. I’ve chosen to highlight a few things we enjoyed.

Have you been to Australia? Where did you eat? What are your recommendations?

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