Shakespeare Hotel

Shakespeare Hotel

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Shakespeare Hotel – Surry Hills, Australia

After our tour of the Sydney Cricket Grounds we decided to walk back to our hotel. Sydney proved itself to be a very walkable city if you’re able to and up to it. Along the way we stopped at various pubs for a rest and a refreshing beverage. One memorable stop was the Shakespeare Hotel. I was obviously drawn in by the name, curious as to what we’d find inside.

Shakespeare Hotel - Sydney, Australia

Located at 200 Devonshire Street, the Shakespeare Hotel is located in the Surry Hills section of the city. Established in 1879, the Hotel portion of the building features 5 available rooms. I’ve seen reports of 7, but there is an option of just 5 on all booking sites. The rooms are styled with 1850s furnishings, many if not all have a fireplace. The sites only have photos available for 3/5 of the rooms. The rooms appear to be within the $100 – $200 USD range per night.

Check to see photos of the rooms and availability.

The Shakey

Known to locals as “The Shakey” the on site bistro/pub at the Shakespeare Hotel is open 7 days a week. It features a nice variety of food and drink. You’ll see the current menus below, beers aren’t included as I imagine they switch out more regularly.

Image from Shakespeare Hotel website.
Image from Shakespeare Hotel website.

Views Inside the Shakespeare Hotel

The pub has a very cozy feeling. I imagine it’s the darker/softer textures.

Other than the functioning bar as you enter, it didn’t feel like it was a pub depending on where you look anyway. The carpets, the “lived in” furniture, paintings everywhere, gives it a very homey feel.

We took in the sights and atmosphere while enjoying a beer. No rush, no crowds to file through as it was a Tuesday afternoon. If we hadn’t already had lunch, I would have for sure ordered a bite to eat off the menu.

I found it to be quite a lovely establishment and would definitely return upon our next trip. If you find yourself in Surry Hills, or in Sydney, a short distance from Surry Hills, take a visit to the Shakespeare Hotel.

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