Cauliflower – It’s What’s for Dinner!

Cauliflower – It’s What’s for Dinner!

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Barbacoa Cauliflower Pita Tacos at BJ’s Brewhouse.

Tonight, we picked BJ’s Brewhouse & Restaurant for dinner date night. I wanted to make sure I got to try their Mint Chocolate Chip Pizookie before it dropped off the menu… What I didn’t realize was that I would find a new favorite: Cauliflower Tacos.

Something New

Since I was having a high calorie item for dessert, we would probably skip the appetizer.. Therefore I would also order something off the “EnLIGHTened” menu for my entree.  Normally, this would mean I’d go with one of two things:  the Fire Roasted Barbacoa Chicken or Mediterranean Chicken Pita Tacos.  I had the Fire Roasted Barbacoa Chicken last time we were at BJ’s. On a whim, I decided to look over the rest of the menu, and noticed a new item: Barbacoa Cauliflower Pita Tacos. Save on Your Next Meal

I pointed it out to Lora. She mentioned that a lot of people are using cauliflower now as substitutes for many different ingredients. I knew this to be true, as two of our closest friends actually brought mashed potatoes to Thanksgiving dinner that were actually half potatoes, half cauliflower. These were just as delicious as regular mashed potatoes.  So, I decided to try something new and give it a shot.

BJ's Brewhouse Enlightened Barbacoa Cauliflower Pita Tacos
Enlightened Barbacoa Cauliflower Pita Tacos Photo from BJ’s Website.


I’ll never look at cauliflower the same way again.  It literally tasted exactly like the barbacoa you’d get from Chipotle Mexican Grill in one of their burritos or burrito bowls. This opens up endless possibilities. Notably for me, as a Catholic during Lent, the ability to have tacos on a Friday before Easter.  Lora and I have already talked about adding tacos to our monthly food menu. We can switch it up by using cauliflower in lieu of our normal ground turkey tacos.

Update: We tried making Cauliflower Tacos home!

Oh, the Pizzokie we came for originally? It was everything I expected it to be. Think Thin Mint but soft and with ice cream on top. I had no idea I’d walk out of the restaurant with a whole new outlook on everything food related.

Make a Mint Chocolate Chip Pizookie inspired dessert yourself with this recipe from Kleinworth & Co.

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