Chicken Carbonara with Spaghetti

Chicken Carbonara with Spaghetti

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Chicken Carbonara with Spaghetti

Some people are anti pre-made meals. If you’re able to or interested in standing over the stove for hours every day, then go for it. However, not all are able to or are interested. I do love the process of cooking, and the feeling of accomplishment, but not every single day. That’s where this pre-made Chicken Carbonara with Spaghetti comes in clutch.

We purchased this meal either at Sam’s Club or Costco, to be totally honest I’m not 100% sure. Matt loves Carbonara, so he was excited to find this and we had high hopes. Pre-made meals, I’ve learned, can go either way.

Chicken Carbonara with Spaghetti Premade Meal Kit

It comes with two packs of already cooked spaghetti, a pack of chicken, and a packet of sauce. Normally one would purchase this refrigerated. When it is time to make this prepared meal, you just need to open each packet, add the contents to the provided bowl, stir, and cook in the microwave on high for 5 minutes.

Chicken Carbonara with Spaghetti Meal Kit Ingredients

However, we froze it. This only added time to the cooking process. I probably should have gotten it out in the morning and allowed it to defrost during the day on the counter, but I ended up not remembering to do that. I weighed it and defrosted in the microwave. The chicken and spaghetti defrosted fairly quickly, but the sauce wasn’t as easy. I removed everything but the sauce and defrosted that a few more minutes until it was mostly defrosted.

Because it was colder than had it been in the refrigerator, I ended up microwaving it for 10 minutes instead of 5. This worked very well. I topped with some crumbled bacon and it was ready to serve.

It was quite good. Not the same as if I had spent my day in the kitchen making it from scratch of course, but still, no complaints.

If you see this at your local Sam’s Club or Costco, give it a try!

Chicken Carbonara with Spaghetti, Cooked, Topped with Bacon, sitting on counter

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