Burgers: Greek Style

Burgers: Greek Style

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Burgers with a Greek Twist – Our First Attempt

Inspired by the Greko Burger at Pangaea Restaurant and Wine Bar, we were ready for our second at home experiment. We decided we would try to re-create some Greek inspired burgers at home.

The Burgers

I used this recipe from the site Healthy Delicious to get a general outline of what spices to use for the burgers. This also gave a general idea of what should go into the tzatziki sauce.  I followed it pretty closely. However, I added red onion mixed into the burger itself rather than just adding it at the end.  I do love red onion.

Greek Burgers stuffed with red onion and feta.

The Sauce

The tzatziki was surprisingly easy to make. The hardest part for me, never having made it from scratch before, was figuring out how small the cucumber gratings should be.  I used the larger (more coarse) part of our grater and it seemed to work pretty well.

Tzatziki Sauce

Time to Cook

We used the recipe linked to above and followed it as closely as I could.  The only thing I really varied was the amount of each ingredient to taste. For example, I do love cheese, as such I used more feta than the recipe called for.  I also, as mentioned above, added red onions into the burgers themselves.  Everything else was pretty straight-forward for my small part of our home Greek adventure.

Greek Style Burgers on the Grill

While this definitely wasn’t the same as the Greko Burger from Pangaea, it’s something we will most certainly be making again.  We had also planned to try feta fries, but with we decided to go with Spanakopita as our side dish instead.

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