Buffalo Cauliflower

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Buffalo Cauliflower - Low Carb and Simple Cauliflower: it's such a simple yet versatile vegetable. It's full of essential vitamins and minerals, high in fiber, and a good source of antioxidants which are beneficial to reducing inflammation. One cup of cauliflower contains only 25 calories, so you can fill up without…

Cauliflower Tacos

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Cauliflower Tacos- The New Meat Option My first attempt at making cauliflower tacos was a mixed bag of both success and failure.  Some good, some bad.  It was actually a fairly easy process, but parts of it will require some experimentation to get right. Photo by: https://unsplash.com/@simxa Cauliflower Ninja School Dropout…

Cauliflower – It’s What’s for Dinner!

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Barbacoa Cauliflower Pita Tacos at BJ's Brewhouse. Tonight, we picked BJ's Brewhouse & Restaurant for dinner date night. I wanted to make sure I got to try their Mint Chocolate Chip Pizookie before it dropped off the menu... What I didn't realize was that I would find a new favorite: Cauliflower…