18 Folds

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18 Folds - Anaheim, California After many a trip to the nearby brewery, Monkish, I was curious about 18 Folds. Immediately I knew it was dumplings of some sort after reading how a proper Chinese dumpling has 18 folds, no more no less. 18 is considered a lucky number in Chinese…

Bronx Sandwich Company

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Bronx Sandwich Company: Anaheim, California Earlier today we made a trip to Anaheim for a beer pickup we needed to make at Bottle Logic Brewing. Rather than hit up the usual drive through on the way for the convenience factor, we decided to find somewhere new. I was super hungry for…

Bottle Logic Brewing: Anaheim

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Bottle Logic Brewing: Anaheim, California One of our favorite breweries in Southern California is located in Anaheim, Bottle Logic Brewing. Located at 1072 North Armando Street, Bottle Logic is a science themed brewery, which obviously appealed to our nerdy sides. With a portrait of Nikolas Tesla in the main tasting room…