Food and Drink: Where it all began.

This journey has is to share our love of traveling the world via food. We share things we’ve learned along the way while expanding our palette through Food and Drink. We hope that you will enjoy taking this journey with us and share your own experiences, recipes, and suggestions for food and drink for us to try.

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We are avid beer collectors, and enjoy our local wineries. Read about our favorite beer app, special holiday packs we’ve purchased, or just any wineries and breweries we wish to talk about. We enjoy checking out new breweries and wineries wherever we go to support local business.

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What We’ve Made

This all began as a way for us to try new foods and share our experiences. It has now expanded to not just learning about new cuisines, but sharing our favorites and experiences along the way. A few years ago, between us, we could make tacos, spaghetti, and pasta salad. That was about the extent of it. How times have changed.

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Food & Drink - Menu

Where We’ve Eaten

In order to fully appreciate what we are making, and know if we are heading in the right direction, we enjoy trying different restaurants. We also share some of our favorite places to go. It is nice to have someone else cook for you once in a while too.

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