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Fetch Rewards: As simple as snapping a picture.

The next program we are going to explore in our Extra Money in 2020 Series to get you cash back is Fetch Rewards.

In this post we will discuss:

Fetch Rewards Logo
Image from fetchrewards.com

12 Ways to Make Extra Money in 2020.

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What Is Fetch Rewards?

Like Ibotta and Checkout51, Fetch Rewards gives money back from your receipts on purchases you have already made. If you’re already buying these items, why not get something back? You’ve earned it!

Also like other Cashback Apps, think of it as similar to a consumer research study. You are submitting your receipts and in exchange they reward you with points which you can gather to redeem for rewards.

Where Do I Find the Fetch Rewards App?

Fetch Rewards is an app available for Android or iOS. Just search in the Google Play or Apple Store and download.

Be sure to enter in our referral code XN1RG so you get 2,000 points ($2.00) when you scan your first receipt!

(and we’ll get a little something too.)

But I’m already using cash back apps…

True, but the beauty is that you can pile up your money back offers.

Different than Ibotta or Checkout51, with Fetch Rewards you don’t have to select specific deals in order to get your points. The app will find applicable bonuses for you and any receipt from a Grocery, Drug, Convenience Store or Big Box Retailer (Walmart, Target, etc) will earn you points regardless of what’s on the receipt itself.

Great News! As of 6/17/2020 you earn points on any receipt where you shop or eat! Granted way less points than grocery stores, but aren’t any points better than none?

What are these points you’re talking about?

When you scan receipts in the Fetch Rewards App you will earn a varying number of points. Usually for a grocery receipt – 25, for a restaurant 5. There are other ways to earn points which I’ll discuss in a bit. These points pile up and are able to be redeemed for gift cards, paypal, and charity donations to name a few.

1,000 Points is worth about $1. While that seems like a lot, the points pile up quickly especially when you have multiple ways to earn. Also if you figure in that you’re only taking a picture of your shopping receipt to get these points, it’s not a bad deal, regardless of how long it takes you to get to the reward level you are looking for. Minimal effort and a fun gift card or cash after a while.

How Do I Earn Points?

Obviously step 1 is downloading the app and entering in the code XN1RG, then click on the orange camera button located near the bottom left corner and follow the instructions to take a picture of a recent shopping receipt.

Fetch Rewards App Main Screen Screenshot

Long receipt? No worries, you’ll be able to snap pics in sections. Make sure you have the name of the store, the total spent, and the date of purchase in the picture.

The app will look at your receipt and the items on it and then let you know how many points you’ve earned. The average is 25.

Grocery Store
Photo by Peter Bond on Unsplash

But there are ways to earn MORE points…

  • Participating Products
    • Fetch Rewards partners with different brands to earn you more points on purchases, this amount is predetermined and may be per dollar spent on that brand or a multiplier of points.
    • Brands include Annies, Huggies, Jell-O, Miller Lite, Gatorade, Cheerios, A.1., Hershey’s, and so many more. For a complete list of participating brands click here.
  • Special Offer Products
    • Another way to earn even more points on your receipts through Fetch Rewards is through Special Offer Products. Brands will partner with Fetch Rewards to offer amazing reward points for particular products within their product line. These products are only available for extra points for a limited time, so you’ll want to check the app often to find out.
    • As of 6/29/20 current Special Offer Products Include:
      • L’Oreal Paris Permanent Hair Color – 2,000 Points
      • Axe Antiperspirant Deodorants – 1,000 Points
      • St. Ives Lotion Products – 500 Points
      • I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter – 1% of amount spent
      • Blue Moon 6 pack or larger – 3,000 Points
      • People Magazine – 1,000 Points
      • Many more when you download the app (and enter code XN1RG at signup to get another 2,000 points back)
  • Referring Everyone You Know
    • You can earn points by sharing your unique code given to you by Fetch Rewards. Everyone you know needs to buy stuff, so why not let them in on getting money back!
    • My code is XN1RG if you needed a reminder. 😉 You get 2,000 points for signing up and scanning your first receipt, and I get a little something too.
  • eReceipts
    • You can earn points through digital receipts by connecting your Amazon account or email account. With your Amazon account, Fetch Rewards will automatically scan for purchases every few days and rewards points accordingly, or you can select the small round, blue button with an e to scan when you want to.
    • You can also connect the email account you shop most with to scan for online shopping trips when you shop with retailers like Walmart, Target, Instacart, and more.
Fetch Rewards - Earn with ereceipts

Redeem Earned Points for Rewards

Now, the fun stuff.

As I mentioned above, 1,000 points are worth about $1. I say about, because different rewards have different values and redemption rates.

When you have earned enough points (rewards start as low as 3,000 points), you can redeem for gift cards, charity donations, magazine subscriptions and more.

As of 6/29/20 some current rewards include:

  • Better Homes & Gardens 1 year (12 issues) $22.00 value – 5,000 points (in this case 1,000 points would be equal to about $4.40 this is a high value reward!)
  • Adidas Store Gift Card available to use online or in store $5/$10/$25/$50 for 5,000/10,000/25,000/50,000 points respectively. ($1 for every 1,000 points here)
  • Airbnb gift card for use on their website $25/$50 for 25,000/50,000 points respectively.
  • IHOP gift cards, in restaurant only, $5/$10/$25/$50 for 5,000/10,000/25,000/50,000 points respectively. ($1 for every 1,000 points here)
  • Special Olympics donation – online only $3/$5/$10/$25/$50 for 3,000/5,000/10,000/25,000/50,000 points respectively. ($1 for every 1,000 points here)
  • Visa USD Reward Card – Available to use in store or online $5/$10/$25 for 6,000/11,500/27,000 points respectively (this is a lower value reward as $1,000 points are only worth about 83 cents.)
  • For a complete listing of online rewards retailers click here or download the app and sign up using code XN1RG for 2,000 points toward your first reward.
Fetch Rewards - Reward Redemption Screen Screenshot


I’ve learned a few things along the way while using these cashback apps, in particular with Fetch Rewards my words of advice would be:

  1. Pile up your rewards, don’t use them as soon as you are eligible for one if you can avoid it. Cash out before the holidays and use towards purchases of gifts or to send someone flowers, get a relative a one year subscription of their favorite magazine. Think of it like a holiday mini savings account.
  2. Check the eReceipts button often just to make sure nothing is missed.
  3. If you and your spouse have different Amazon accounts, refer them using your unique referral code. They’ll get the 2,000 point sign up bonus, you’ll receive a referral bonus, and even if they don’t plan to regularly keep track of the physical receipts (you can handle that part), their Amazon purchases will earn them points to redeem!
  4. Don’t plan your shopping trip around what Special Product offers are available, if you do this with every single app you use, you’ll drive yourself crazy. BUT if you do see that a brand you use has a Special Product offer associated with it at the current time, then see if maybe that product also has any special offers with other apps, and if it’s on sale anywhere. Check out how I got Three Bottles of Suave Body Wash for $2.19!
Fetch Rewards - Earn Cash Back on Groceries - Woman Grocery Shopping
Photo by frankie cordoba on Unsplash

Open up your app store and download Fetch Rewards to start earning today!

Fetch Rewards Logo
Image from fetchrewards.com

Oh and don’t forget to enter code XN1RG to get your 2,000 signup points when you scan your first receipt!

12 Ways to Make Extra Money in 2020.

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