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Hot Bologna: A Coal Region, Pennsylvania Delight

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Hot and Spicy Pickled Bologna... Hot Bologna is a favorite snack of mine. Much like Halushki and Halupki, you cannot usually find it outside of the area I grew up in, the "Coal Region" of Pennysylvania. The Coal Region is a particular area where coal mining was the main source of…

Bleenies, aka Potato Pancakes

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Bleenies, Kartoffelpuffer, Latka, Boxty... Much like Halupki and Halushki, Bleenies are commonplace in Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania, but a term not as well known outside of the area. A quick google search will show you exactly what you need to find. Bleenies we called them in Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania where I grew up, that’s what…

Nonnie’s Chili

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Nonnie's Chili - Perfect for a Chilly Day COVID-19 Quarantine, Day 2. A bit chilly out, so Matt requested my mom's Chili recipe. When I told her I was going to post this, she said to title it "Nonnie's Chili", Nonnie: the name my niece calls her. So this one is…