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Influenster – Try new products and share your opinion on others!

In today’s post I want to tell you about a service I’m a member of called Influenster.

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What is Influenster?

Launched in 2010, Influenster is a community based website and app. Users review products that they purchase and use. The community members give their honest opinions and recommendations on a variety of products. Everything from food, to health and beauty and more are on this site. Depending on your profile and what types of products you’ve given reviews on, you can earn the opportunity to be part of one of their campaigns and recieve products for a heavy discount or even free to try yourself! They have a website, which may be easier for sign up and completing your profile, but they do heavily operate from their app, which avilable on iOS and Android.

As a Member

As a member of the Influenster community, you can:

  • Browse products in a variety of categories to see what other people thought of them to help you form an opinion for your next shopping triop.
  • Ask for recommendations on products you are considering purchasing, but haven’t seen any other review for. Get a discussion started and see what experiences others have had!
  • Earn the opportunity to have a VoxBox shipped to you or become a member of a campaign to try new products!

More about the Vox Box and Campaigns

Influenster will periodically email you about different campaigns coming up to see if you would be a fit for that campaign. You’ll complete some surveys on a variety of topics (perhaps all upcoming campaigns in one survey). From there the people at Influenster will choose the members they best think will fit that particular campaign. If chosen, you will be notified via email. From there, you will see the campaign appear in your app. While some products will be sent to try via a VoxBox (their name for the product package), others will provide information and instructions in the campaign info through the app.

Vox Box

Once you receive notificaion from Influenster via email that you’ve been chosen, keep an eye on your mail box. Within a few days you’ll receive your Vox Box in the mail with the product inside. Some may even include coupons for a future purchase. The two boxes I’ve received thus far have included full size products, the same you would purchase at the store. I was very happy with this as other services just send a sample size. However, the samples are usually easier to come by.

Photo Credit: Influenster website

Non Vox Box Campaigns

If not being sent a Vox Box, but still chosen for a product campaign, you will need to purchase on your own and submit your receipt via the app. You will also need to have a PayPal account that you’ll need to connect to your Influenster account. Not every campaign gives 100% back, some are all but $1 of your purchase, some are up to a specific amount, and some are a percentage of the product purchase. My recommendation is to keep that item purchase separate from others you may be making that day. Have a separate receipt for easy upload and quick refunds.

Reviewing and Receiving Points from Campaigns

Each campaign is different, but all do require a review of the product somewhere. In some cases, it may just be on social media through your connected Instagram account. Some require a review on the manufacturer website and even on specific retailer websites. Completing these tasks ensures that you are completing your part of the agreement. They send you free product or reimburse you for product in exchange for your honest review of your experience with that particular product.

For posts on Instagram, your campaign information on the app may require you to use specific wording or hashtags. Especially for products you’ve received for free, you must disclose that in your review. This is the same case with pretty much any free product review site, or if you review products sent to you directly from a manufacturer. It’s about the honesty and integrity of the review.

My experience with Influenster

I had been very lax in my use of Influenster before. Upon signing up I was super gung ho about it, and then other things got in the way. If you are able to review a bunch of products you can qualify a lot quicker than I did. You can choose what products you review, beauty only, food and beverage only, pets, all of them, go for it.

Since receiving my first VoxBox, I’ve been chosen for a few more campaigns. You can access each of them here:

Join today!

Join the Influenster community today and join Pay Pal if you haven’t already, to make sure you receive reimbursement for any future campaigns you’re chosen for:

Final Thoughts

I think with Influenster, you get what you put in. If you sign up and never complete your profile or review products, then you won’t get anything out of it. But, if you take the time to complete your profile, and sign in here and there to review a product when you think of it plus answering their email surveys, you may be rewarded and chosen for a campaign. It took me a while to see anything from my membership, but that was on me for not adding to the community at all. Though I still don’t 100% understand how it all works, I’m learning. Why not learn with me?

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