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Amazon Shopper Panel – Monthly Gift Cards for Your Non Amazon Receipts

I recently received my invitation to join the Amazon Shopper Panel. This is an exciting opportunity because the Amazon delivery truck is here at least once a day! Since I already scan my receipts with apps like Fetch Rewards and Ibotta, what’s one more app? Plus, this one pays back a lot more each month.

What is the Amazon Shopper Panel?

The Amazon Shopper Panel is an app based invitation only program. Users scan or email receipts from non Amazon retailers. Once 10 receipts are scanned and accepted for the month, Amazon will reward you with a $10 gift card or donation to a charity of your choice.

Why are they doing this?

It’s product research, just like any of the other apps. Amazon wants to know what you’re buying elsewhere and how much you’re spending on it. So, they’ll pay you for that information.

Is Amazon Shopper Panel Legit?

Yes! My first month earning with this app was in December, the beginning January I was rewarded with $10.25 in my Amazon account. At the beginning of this month, I received my $10.25 for January. This month I have 8 out of 10 of my receipts in and accepted plus two surveys for 25 cents each with 19 days left in the month.

Amazon Shopper Panel Rewards Screen

How Do You Earn with Amazon Shopper Panel?

As stated above you need to submit 10 non Amazon receipts within the month. Because you have the whole month to earn that $10, all panel members receive their reward the beginning of the following month.

To submit paper receipts you will need to use the app. Under the receipt tab, you’ll see a button on the screen that appears which says “Upload Receipt”. Give permission for the app to use your phone’s camera and take a picture of your receipt. You can take multiple pictures for very long receipts. I’m talking to you CVS….

For online purchases you are provided with an email to forward the receipt to. The catch is that you must forward from the email associated with your Amazon account, and that must be the email you used with the retailer.

Amazon Shopper Panel Receipts

(Remember to check with CashBack Monitor to see if you can earn anything back from that retailer at any participating shopping portals. You could be eligible to earn extra points or miles on your credit card too.)

You can also earn on top of your monthly reward by completing periodic surveys that Amazon posts in the app. So far I’ve gotten one survey per month which paid 25 cents each time. The surveys have only been 2-3 questions and took less than a minute to complete.

Amazon Shopper Panel Surveys

What kind of receipts does Amazon Shopper Panel accept?

Pretty much any receipt from a non Amazon owned retailer. Accepted/eligible receipts can come from grocery stores, drug stores, department stores, restaurants, movie theatres, theme parks and more.

Receipts not accepted include those from Amazon owned retailers such as Whole Foods. You also cannot submit receipts for medical expenses, gambling, firearms, housing, mass transit, school tuition, childcare, legal or financial services, or handwritten receipts.

Finally, receipts must be from a US retailer and in English. They cannot be blurry faded, or unreadable at all. They will notify you if a receipt is not eligible.

How do I sign up for Amazon Shopper Panel?

As mentioned above, Amazon Shopper Panel is invite only. However, what I did was simply download the app. I then signed in using my Amazon login info and was informed that I would be added to the waitlist for an invitation. A few short weeks later, I received the email that I was in!

Once I signed in after receiving my invite, I was able to start scanning receipts right away.

And, that’s all you need to do. There’s no referral program as of now, you just download the app, attempt to log in, be added to the wait list, then wait for your invitation. Choose whether you want your reward credited to your Amazon account or a charity of your choice from the list of available charities. I would think they’d be similar to the charities you can choose from for Amazon Smile.

If you want to earn an easy $10/month for a minute of your time, then check out the Amazon Shopper Panel.

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