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Huntington Home – Holiday Light Reels Eliminate Tangled Lights!

It’s the same problem every year. No matter how nicely you attempt to roll up a string of holiday lights, the following year they’re one big tangled mess. One night while at our local Aldi, Matt came across these Huntington Home Holiday Light Reels.

Huntington Home - Holiday Light Reels Packaging

He grabbed one pack, we didn’t know how easily they’d work or how much they could hold.

We have two stories that we light, plus three, yes three trees. I also attach lights to garland for around banisters, or over doorways. It varies from year to year. It just feels like no matter what I do, each year the lights come back out of the storage bin a tangled mess. Even if I wrap them neatly, and keep each string separate, they tangle within themselves somehow! I also felt that the bins I was using to store just lights, could be better used by storing other holiday decorations.

Opening the Package & Assembly

The Hunting Home Holiday Light Reels comes together in a plastic packaging. Once you open that you’ll see that it is broken down into 10 parts.

  • 6 green wheel “halves”
  • 3 red wheel insides
  • 1 red/black canvas carrying bag
Huntington Home - Holiday Light Reels

To assemble you’ll take two wheel “halves” and one wheel center. Lay the center inside the bottom wheel half with the wider par laying flat on a surface. The other wheel half will connect in to the first via the plastic hooks and holes. You’ll need to use a decent amount of pressure, but once the first one connects, the others will connect much easier. They’ll need to snap into place. The red part serves as your handle to spin the wheel while you are winding up the lights.

Wrapping Up Your Lights

Now that your Huntington Home Holiday Light Reels wheel is put together, it’s time to roll up those lights. from what I noticed, they will hold one long (30- feet or so) string of lights and 3 short (10-15) foot rolls. You’ll have to hold on to whatever end you start with when you begin to roll.

Huntington Home - Holiday Light Reels

Pro tip: Start with the end the plug goes into in the center. This way the actual plug itself is strung on the wheel last. You can then test your strings way easier the following year to see if they’re still good to go.

The lights I have, mostly LED, fit perfectly.

Huntington Home - Holiday Light Reels

As I filled each wheel, I was able to slip them conveniently into the red canvas carrying bag that comes with the wheels. The three wheels, when filled, fit seamlessly into the bag. It zips shut, and can be stored on a shelf, or hung by the handles from a storage hook.

When the Christmas supplies come out at your local Aldi, make sure you grab a few of the Huntington Home Holiday Light Reels. If you don’t live near an Aldi, you can find them or something similar from other retailers like WalMart, Kohls, or Amazon.

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