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Google Opinion Rewards – Answer Questions and Get Paid

To show you yet another way to earn more money this year, we will discuss Google Opinion Rewards. This lesser known app rewards you for your opinion or answers to questions based on recent behavior or travels.

What is it?

Google Opinion Rewards is a survey/question based app. This app rewards you with Google Play Store or PayPal credit. But how?

You’ll be notified in the app when there is a new survey or question available.

Once you open the app you’ll see the survey question(s). Each “survey” that I’ve completed had 1-3 questions. They may ask if you entered a particular store lately. Did you make a purchase? What date did you go? How did you pay? These questions help market researchers with necessary information on shopping habits.

You may also be asked to give a hotel review, merchant satisfaction survey, or just a general opinion poll.

Google Opinion Rewards About

Once you’ve answered the question(s), you will be rewarded with either Google App Store credits or PayPal credits.

Google Opinion Rewards Finished Survey

Concerned about privacy?

As per the help page for Google Surveys:

Companies that run surveys receive aggregated response data as well as the ability to segment their results by inferred demographics. Certain surveys, such as local surveys, may ask your permission to post a review, but unless otherwise stated, there is no personally identifiable information collected about respondents.

Opinion Rewards Help

Where Can I Get It?

Google Opinion Rewards is available for Android and iPhone users.

Google Play Store.

Apple App Store.

Setting Up

  1. Download and install the app.
  2. Select the Google account you wish to use for the app, or create a new one.
  3. Verify your identity by providing your first and last name, zip code, country, and the email address associated with the Google Account being used.
  4. Provide your age.
  5. Select your language.

Redeeming Google Opinion Rewards

Since I’m an Android user, I can only provide that redemption information. I’ll be sure to update this post once I learn more about the iPhone/PayPal redemption process.

You’ll have one year from the date you earn credits to redeem them or they will expire.

Google Opinion Rewards Balance Screen

What you earn from the app will go into your Play Store Credit. You can use this when buying help in games as your form of payment, or to pay for apps that aren’t free.

This has been helpful for me as I do like to play games to relax. Sometimes you need a booster on those games. I will ONLY use my Play Store credits earned from Google Opinion Rewards to purchase those boosters. This keeps me from spending too much, or any of my own money.

Google Opinion Rewards History

Receipt Scanning

A new opt-in feature is receipt scanning. This is an invitation only feature. Once I’m invited I’ll be sure to update this post. My initial thoughts are that it will be similar to other receipt scanning features of apps.

Google Opinion Rewards: Final Thoughts

I think this is a great app. I’ve been using it for a few years and have earned over $90. It takes seconds to answer the questions. And that’s $90 of my own money I would have wasted on games. It doesn’t feel as bad if it’s not “actual” money, right?

Have more of your questions answered from the Google Opinion Rewards Help Page.

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Do you currently use Google Opinion Rewards? Are you interested after reading this post? Let us know in the comments!

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