TapTes Tesla Model 3 Wireless Phone Charger Pad

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TAPTES TESLA MODEL 3 WIRELESS PHONE CHARGER PAD: Horizontally Or Vertically Dual Qi Wireless Smartphone Charging Mat M3 Accessory for Qi Enable Phone, Compatible Tesla Model 3 – Gen 2 No Software Issue

Main Issue: Cannot power phone while using navigation from front USB ports.

Don’t bother if you ever want to use navigation or anything of that sort while only plugged into the front USB ports. It literally can’t even power my phone (pixel 3) from the front USB while Waze is running. Just went on a 160 mile round trip, using Waze for traffic, and my phone went from 49 to 41 on the front leg and then 19 to 8 on the return. Even with the screen turned off for the last few miles, i lost battery (9% to 8% over the last 20 miles).

Image from Amazon.

I brought the pad inside and plugged it into a high powered wall adapter, and can confirm that it will charge at the higher rate, but you need to run the cable to the cigarette lighter (or some other higher powered charging adapter). The front USB just won’t cut it.

Image from Amazon.

Edit: For fast charging, you need to plug into a QC (9V) power adapter. Anything 5V won’t charge fast enough to be able to use the phone while charging.

If even after that, you are still interested in this product, or you’ve found a way around this issue, you can purchase it through Amazon.

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