Rinogear Fitbit Charge 3 Screen Protector (8-Pack)

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Rinogear Fitbit Charge 3: SE Case Friendly Fitbit Charge 3, Charge 3 SE Screen Protector Accessory Full Coverage Clear Film

It protects well, but very difficult (if not impossible) to get it to stick to the screen.

It seems to protect the screen very well, and they give you 8 of them…which are the only reasons I gave it 3 stars and not 1.

It’s a wet install, which makes things pretty easy (or it should, anyway)…BUT it never actually fully adheres to the screen. When I bought my fitbit I let it dry for a full 24 hours after installing, and it still keeps sliding around the screen if you put any kind of pressure at all (which is not good, considering it’s a touch screen).

If you go extremely lightly, it works well and the touch screen is still responsive…but the second you push on the screen too hard and slide, the protector slides with your finger. This also becomes a problem (as you can imagine) if you don’t sleep in exactly the same position all night, or move around and brush up against furniture or long sleeves while exercising.

Also, if you’re not extremely careful when you wash your hands, you’ll get water under the protector (because it keeps moving around the screen). In that respect, it’s a good thing they give you 8…because you’ll go through them quickly. I’m already on my second after 4 days.

It’s unfortunate, because it goes on perfectly clear, does protect the screen well, and doesn’t impede the touch screen…but I can’t see myself reordering after this unless the first one was just a dud and they start adhering better.

Edit: Updating my review to 4 stars.

The second one I put on has adhered much more solidly and isn’t moving at all. Perfectly clear, touch screen still responsive. I won’t give it five stars yet just because of the first one being a dud, but if I’m able to install the last six as well as this one I may give it five stars anyway. it really does protect well and is perfectly clear – I can’t even tell it’s there unless I’m looking for it at an angle.

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