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CAP050450440RT – 45 + 5 uf MFD 440 Volt VAC –

If your AC is tripping the breaker on startup, consider this:

Installed on a Goodman GSX130481BC

Our central AC kept tripping the breaker on startup, so I did some research and arrived at the possibility that the capacitor could be causing this (the cap can’t supply enough power when the AC kicks on). Read numerous guides and watched numerous videos about how to test/replace, and eventually worked up enough guts to turn off the power and try it myself.

Photo from Amazon

I disconnected the old cap and verified with a capacitance meter that it was fried (the 45 uF side was only registering about 19-20 uF). Took pictures with my phone of the wiring, picked up a new mounting strap at Lowes (since this one is smaller in diameter than my old one was), and installed this new capacitor.

Once I committed to making the swap, it only took about 15 minutes from start to finish. Turned the power back on, and the AC started right up. Going to be picking up another one of these to keep on hand, since my research also suggested they fail often.

Tips for Installation:

  1. Make sure you discharge the old cap first (there are plenty of videos showing many methods to accomplish this). It may already be discharged (it was in my case), but better safe than sorry. Don’t zap yourself when disconnecting the old cap.
  2. Take lots of pictures of the wiring before disconnecting the old cap, so you know how to install the new one and what wires go where.
  3. If the new capacitor isn’t the same size as your old one, go to the hardware store and buy pluming hanger strap for about a dollar and use that to mount the new one, rather than trying to mess around with bending the old strap. This is optional but i figured it was a good idea.
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