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Cricut Standard Grip Cutting Mat: 3 Pack of 12×12 From Amazon

I bit the bullet and purchased a Cricut to make signs for the wreaths I make. For the machine itself you do need specific mats for specific materials. After a year of using my light grip mat, it was time to purchase the Cricut Standard Grip mat.


The Cricut itself came with two mats, a pink one for fabric and a light blue mat. After months of using the machine, the blue mat was not cutting it for my regular vinyl usage anymore. It is perfect for light cardstock, or when I’m cutting smaller pieces of vinyl in multiple colors, I tend to go for the blue one. Otherwise I was having to tape the vinyl on and it just became exhausting.

Image From Amazon

The cricut has 4 mats. Blue is the light grip, Green is the standard grip, purple is strong grip, and pink is for fabrics.

I came across the 3 pack of the Green Mat on Amazon and couldn’t pass up the price, less than $20 for three, when some retail stores sell them for $15 each. The green is perfect for HTV and regular adhesive vinyl. Getting used to exactly how much stickier it is than the blue mat took some time to get used to.

Image from Amazon

To anyone who received the blue mat with their machine and is transitioning to the green: be careful and have patience when removing. You don’t want anything to rip or bend.

These mats are available from Amazon

They’re PRIME eligible!!!

Do you have a cricut or some other machine? What do you use it for? Would you like to see more posts on craft related products? Let us know below in the comments!

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