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Throw Pillow Cases: 4-Pack Cotton Comfortable, Solid, Decorative

I ordered these throw pillow cases to adhere some logos onto for a company event. Sold by Boshuo, these pillow cases are available on Amazon.

They are listed as an Amazon’s Choice purchase for “lumbar pillow case”.

About the Throw Pillow Cases

These particular throw pillow cases are available in seven sizes:

  • 12x20inch / 30x50cm
  • 16x16inch / 40x40cm
  • 18x18inch / 45x45cm
  • 20x20inch / 50x50cm
  • 22x22inch / 55x55cm
  • 24x24inch / 60x60cm
  • 26x26inch / 66x66cm

They also have more than 40 colors available, that depends on size and quantity available at the current time. Though it seems they restock pretty regularly.

These throw pillow cases are made of cotton, which means they are not suitable for outdoor use. In regards to care, machine wash in cold water and tumble dry on low. The listing says not to use bleach or fabric softener. To add to that, do not use fabric softener especially if you are customizing with a heat transfer vinyl as it will loosen the heat bond and you won’t be able to reapply. Something in fabric softener makes the material unable to accept the heat bond.

The zipper is located on the back of the pillow with a portion of the pillow case over the zipper to hide it a bit. This also keeps the zipper from interacting with other fabrics you may have the pillows by and catching on them.


The only hardship I had was using the heat press, and the zipper going down the middle in the back. I ended up inserting a piece of parchment paper inside of the pillow cover before pressing each one. The parts of the design needed some extra care in this area so be mindful of that.

These pillows were used for a corporate event at a rooftop bar in San Diego. Unbeknownst to me, the company’s logo matched perfectly with the style of the event location. Bonus!

Ordering more:

I’ve ordered these throw pillow cases a few more times in other sizes for other purposes.

12×20 inch

These were also the 12×20 inch and sent as part of a gift for my sister and her family. My niece’s was personalized with her name all over in different fonts and colors. The “love you.” for their bed room. My brother in law is an ER fan, he’s seen every episode at least 10 times, so I found a Mark Greene (character on the show) quote that felt fitting for him. My sister is a fan of the American Office tv show. She got one of her favorite show quotes.


The other colors have been so helpful in regards to switching things up for different times of the year. If you wanted throw pillows to mix up your space, you’d spend a ton on individual pillows and where would you keep them? Instead of finding space for all these pillows, you just need one basket for each color of the throw pillow cases.

So far, I’ve ordered the 18×18 inch for the throw pillows on my couch. I ordered a 4 pack in the Dark Green to go with the decor. Not sure how they’d fit on my 20×20 inch cushions, I didn’t get red and green as I wanted. You do want to order a bit smaller, the cushions will squeeze themselves in. If you go to size or too big, there may be too much excess material and look a bit sloppy.

They are a bit wrinkled from packaging and being shipped, but those disappear as soon as the pillow is inserted.

For Valentine’s Day I have gone with the Light Red. I’m loving the brightness they bring to my dark grey furniture.

The dark green will be going back on for Saint Patrick’s Day, but I plan to order the light green to go with them. Blue for summer, as I go with a patriotic theme around then. Some red blankets on the couch as well. I may order the red at that time so I have it in time for Christmas to go with the Dark Green again.

16×16 inch

I also ordered the 16×16 inch in Silver Grey for a smaller throw pillow I have in the living room. The pillow is 16×16 inches so it will be a bit big like I mention above. However, there isn’t a smaller size. It looks fine, but the silver grey cotton is a bit light for the design on the pillow to be covered. You can see through it, a simple fix for that is a white pillow case over the throw pillow then the decorative pillow case. It will also fill up the throw pillow case as well.

I plan on personalizing this pack for various times of the year, look for an update then.

I’ve since ordered this size in black, but they are on a delivery delay.

Inserts for Throw Pillow Cases

We filled them with the following pillow inserts. These are the inserts recommended in the product window. They came shrink wrapped so I was unsure of how big they would be until I opened the sealed packaging. They fluffed right up immediately and filled the pillow case perfectly. You know you’re getting a perfect fit for the 12×20 pillow case with these inserts.

Throw Pillow Cases: Final Thoughts

I really like these throw pillow cases, you can order them from Amazon here. I think they’re super versatile, don’t take up much room, if you choose to get a few colors to switch out. Ironing on vinyl was easy besides the zipper area, which just required a bit more attention. I’ll update this post as I order and customize other colors and sizes.

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