UESWILL Hard Shell Case for MacBook Pro

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UESWILL Hard Shell Case for MacBook Pro- from Amazon

The last case I had on my mid-2012 MacBook Pro lasted literally four years without any issues. I only bought this case from UESWILL because I wanted a different color and couldn’t find that same case anymore.


UESWILL carries a variety of accessories for MacBooks. Products in their line include cases such as the one we are writing about today, laptop sleeves/bags, keyboard covers and more. They state that their hard shell cases are light weight, have an antiskid pad on the bottom, and offer full protection. They come in a variety of colors and styles; including see-through.

You can purchase a keyboard cover to match your case as well. They also offer laptop sleeves in five colors. Visit their store through Amazon to see their product line.


Product Opinion

The case fits alright, but is not very long lasting. As I mentioned before, my previous case lasted over four years. Now, less than 5 months after purchasing this one, I’m looking for another case again.

The tabs to the left and right of the trackpad that hold the case in place are extremely uncomfortable. I had to put electrical tape over them to keep them from scratching the crap out of my wrists. In addition, the corner is cracked and crumbling after less than five months of use.

UESWILL 2IN1 SMOOTH SOFT-TOUCH MATTE FROSTED HARD SHELL CASE: with Silicone Keyboard Cover for MacBook Pro 13″ with CD-ROM (Non-Retina)(Model:A1278)+ Microfiber Cleaning Cloth, Aqua Blue

This is just our experience with this product, but if you have had luck with their products before, or feel you may have better luck, feel free to let us know!

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