Getting Organized – November 2018

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We all say it, “Next week/month/year is my year.  I’m going to get organized.”  So, here I am, writing in a blog I haven’t touched in months, hoping to help one or two of you out there who may be hoping for a bit of the same.  We are trying to figure out where we want this blog to go, just writing about food isn’t really for either of us.  Matt is in to electronics and adventures in home repair, and I, though I’m not always on top of things, am into organization, keeping a clean well functioning home, and crafting.  Obviously all three are perfectly intertwined, right?

I digress.

The purpose of this particular post and those to follow is to keep myself on track with my intention of taking control of my home and all of those “I’ll do that later” projects.

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Daily Cleaning Schedule

Previously I used a Daily Cleaning Schedule, which I wrote about and provided a copy of the file I used to keep track of everything for anyone who may want to use it as inspiration.

Zone Cleaning

I needed a change, so I thought about the idea of Zone Cleaning.  This seems to be working as well for me for now.  In time I may change it again, I’m sure, as my schedule changes or if I find more efficient ways to tackle my cleaning, or become independently wealthy and hire someone to tackle to the list for me.  More than likely, I’ll just find new ways to tackle things.

Other Projects

In addition to the zones, there are always projects to be done around the house to be done at different times of the year, that we just never make time for.  “I’ll do it tomorrow”, six months later it’s still sitting in the box in the garage or a closet.  If you’re lucky, it is at least IN the room you intended for it.  Those at least, I feel are half way complete as they’re in the proper place of the house.

So for the month of November, I’m making an attempt at getting this house of mine in order before the craziness of December begins.  I’ll go through each day, what I got done or didn’t and how it went.  All of this I will be doing while zone cleaning, which I may or may not add to each day’s post.

Here is my scheduled list of what I hope to accomplish during November:

  1. Halloween decor put away/Fall decor back out
  2. Switch locations of small appliances and craft beer
  3. Wash Dogs
  4. Check smoke detectors and change batteries
  5. Condition wood surfaces
  6. Weekly coupons and ads
  7. Pantry inventory and meal planning
  8. Sewing
  9. Check GFCI outlets
  10. Electronics Day 1
  11. Hang things up
  12. Electronics Day 2
  13. Weekly coupons and ads
  14. Pantry inventory and meal planning
  15. Seal Granite Day 1
  16. Seal Granite Day 2
  17. Organize Christmas decor/ornaments
  18. Clean/Lubricate window tracks
  19. Pantry inventory and meal planning
  20. Weekly coupons and ads
  21. Thanksgiving prep
  23. Fall decor put away, get out Christmas trees
  24. Christmas tree lights
  25. Christmas tree ornaments/ribbon/toppers
  26. Wash and replace curtains
  27. Weekly coupons and ads
  28. Pantry inventory and meal planning
  29. Christmas decor downstairs
  30. Christmas decor upstairs

Monthly To-Do Items from Builder (some will be completed with zones some with the calendar list)

  1.  Condition wood surfaces
  2. Check GFCI outlets
  3. Check aerators and showerheads
  4. Smoke detectors and batteries
  5. Seal granite counters
  6. Clean/Lubricate window tracks
  7. Clean/Lubricate sliding door

Edit: As you can see I didn’t get very far, my back injury that I thought would hold me down a day or two….kept me on the couch for weeks. Until I was able to get caught up on some of this stuff I had already been too far behind. Another November….

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