Spigen OnePlus 3T Screen Protector

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Spigen OnePlus 3T Screen Protector: From Amazon

In need of a screen protector, I ordered from Amazon. This protector is from the brand, Spigen. This is our review.

About Spigen

Pronounced “spee-gan”, the Spigen name comes from a combination of two German words, “spiegel” and “gen”. Spiegel means mirror and gen means gene. As they state on their site “Both were combined to reflect the ideology behind our values in creating solutions reflecting the needs of our valued customers.”

Founded in 2007, Spigen offers a variety of products, including screen protectors, for phones, computers, and more. Check out their website and see what other products are offered.

Our Review

This screen protector from Spigen would be five stars. The problem is that the first one I applied appears to be scratched out of the box. I will try again with the second protector, but installation seemed pretty easy. Got all the bubbles out. If not for the scratch on the entire right side of the screen it would be a great protector.

Installation was Pretty Easy

In particular, I loved the “wings” Spigen included to prevent touching the screen (or protector).

The wings are very helpful, but be careful when “slanting” the protector to line up with the earpiece on top. You anchor it to the bottom around the home button. Then have to make sure you’re putting it on straight or you might end up covering part of the ear piece when you set it down. I almost did, barely left myself enough room.

Also, note that if you put it on crooked (like I did) you may end up with a slight strip along the side of the phone where it won’t quite adhere right. This is where the screen starts to curve (see picture below). This isn’t that much of a bother for me because my case has a lip on it. It is, however, something to watch out for.

Spigen Screen Protector on One Plus 3 T Phone

After installing, I increased the rating to four stars. The scratch that annoyed me so much immediately after install has faded over the course of the day. If it continues to fade out and the protector holds up, I’ll increase the rating to five stars. At the very worst, it’s faded enough that I can live with this until it gets dinged up more before I change it out for the other one that came in the package.

24 Hours Later

After more than 24 hours, the scratch is barely noticeable. Bumping my review up to 5 stars. The protector is perfectly clear. While it does smudge / leave fingerprints pretty easily that’s not really bothersome to me. I can always wipe the screen clear with my sunglass lens cleaning bag to remove them if need be. It’s not tempered glass, but I wasn’t expecting tempered glass when I bought it. All in all, I’m very happy with this Spigen screen protector.


How do you remove a Spigen Screen Protector?

When the time comes to remove your Spigen screen protector, if it is tempered glass or full cover glass, you can use a thin stiff card like a credit card or your ID card. Lift at any corner using the credit or ID card. Once lifted, hold the corner of the device and slowly remove.

Can you reapply a Spigen Screen Protector?

This is not advised, once removed, the adhesiveness of the protector is lessened. Even if it does stick after a reapplication, it does lessen the protection ability of the screen protector.

Purchase Spigen Crystal Clear 2 Pack Clear Film for OnePlus 3T / OnePlus 3

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What’s your favorite brand of screen protector? Do you think you would give Spigen a shot?

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