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MyShoeCovers Premium Bowling Shoe Covers from Amazon

An avid bowler, I ordered these protectors from MyShoeCovers out of necessity. You really don’t want to injure yourself after going to the bathroom or grabbing some food. It is such a pain to have to keep changing into your regular shoes every time you want to leave your lane.


A company born out of necessity, MyShoeCovers is an American owned company. It was started by a family who saw the need for contractors to have reliable, correctly size booties for coming in and out of customers’ homes.

Image Credit: MyShoeCovers website

What I Think:

These things are awesome, it’s great to be able to walk up to the bar for a drink without having to worry about sticking and falling on my head when I get back to my lane.

The covers fit right over the bottom of your shoes as expected. The textured bottom of the protectors enable you to move around the varying floor surfaces easily. The elastic band on top keeps the protectors on securely.


They do seem to run a bit small, so keep that in mind. My bowling shoes are a mens’ size 12 and the XL fits pretty tight. I would recommend ordering a bit bigger if you are at the top end of a size range.

If you’re into bowling, and have already invested in your own shoes and a ball, I highly recommend ordering a pair.

Where to Purchase

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