Little Giant 15005 Wall Rack

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Little Giant Wall Rack From Amazon

So many of the projects we work on require the use of our Little Giant ladder.

But, where to store it when not needed? Keeping it standing up is not recommended, and hanging on just any rack won’t do. Luckily Little Giant has a rack made just for its ladder line. We are able to store our ladders without fear of them falling onto our cars in case of earthquake.

Installation of Wall Rack

The hardest part was finding the studs in my garage to hang this on the wall. Once we did that, the rest was easy. This is a high quality rack and it holds my Little Giant securely against the wall.

Of note (as mentioned by other reviewers): put the level on the actual hooks so your ladder hangs straight!
Little Giant Wall RAck

Here is a link to the Little Giant Ladder itself. This is an amazing ladder that we have used for hanging holiday lights, washing windows, clearing the gutter, my 5’3″ wife has used it for hanging things indoors, as for her the step ladder doesn’t quite allow her to reach those heights.

Easily one of the best purchases we’ve ever made, and we have two of them!

Little Giant Wall Rack
Image from Amazon

Purchasing the Little Giant 15005 Wall Rack

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Do you need ladders often? Where do you store yours when you’re done using it?

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